Monday, January 3, 2011

YOU "Are Not a Burden To The World!"

YOU "Are Not a Burden To The World!"

You are not a Burden to the world. Whether YOU think so is purely up to YOU!

YOU are not obligated to embrace "what the World is throwing away!" YOU are not obligated to feel that in order to be embraced by the Universe "you must first prove that you don't cost much or that you're not valued much!"

You are not obligated to "decrease your value in order to be taken along for the ride!"

You must recognize your Divine Value to the Universe. God paid so much for YOU. Live "what He paid for!" BE what He paid for. Think "what HE paid for!"

God has designed for the Universe to show its appreciation of YOU by way of the awesome feelings of love, creative ideas, and thoughts of benevolence you have towards the expansion of others within YOU! The Energy of the Spirit will "allow Himself to" become one with your feelings, thus creating what we call PURPOSE! No, my friend. You are not a burden to the world and neither should you think so. Your Life is so necessary, so relevant, and so Powerful.

Now, how you "feel" about YOU "is totally up to YOU!" I cannot waste time telling YOU how to feel about something "that YOU are choosing to feel a certain way about!" How YOU feel "is your choice!" And how the Universe responds to YOU is "it's choice!"

Dr. Undrai Fizer