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God Pursues His Children – Part 2

God Pursues His Children – Part 2
Yesterday we heard Tursun’s story. Although he has not yet accepted Jesus, God is not letting go. Today, Jun, an Open Doors contact in China, tells us about former Muslim converts.
“There was one lady who could have stayed in the relative safety of a big city, but God called her back to her village. The police immediately went after her. Fortunately, she had not taken Christian materials with her and had cleaned her computer of any ‘suspicious files’. The police told her they would be watching her. Open Doors helped her start a business, giving her a reason to stay in the village and to travel and meet other believers. By engaging in business activities, she was able to operate more freely.”

Jun continues, “One Christian woman was held at the police station for an entire night. The atmosphere was initially hostile, but she eventually won the trust of the police officials and ended up giving marriage counsel to them. Another woman I know is afraid to tell anyone about her faith in Jesus, especially her father. He will definitely beat her and she will quite possibly be disowned. Because people gossip; the family cannot take the risk that anyone may learn of an apostate family member.”
“Some say that converts should boldly declare their new status in Christ, and face the consequences of persecution, potential bodily harm, even jail,” Jun continues. “Others claim the best approach is to remain quiet, carefully sharing with those who show a hunger for more.” In both approaches the questions remains for converts, “Is persecution the price we need to pay for revival? Will my family ostracize me? Will I spend the next 5 years in a jail? How can I demonstrate Kingdom lifestyle without jeopardizing the other believers I meet with? Am I denying my Lord if I don’t boldly declare Him?”
“It doesn’t matter if we are in a village, a city or a prison cell,” Jun adds, “We need to realize who we are in Christ, and be His light wherever we are.”
One With Them
Be One With Muslim Background Believers today by using your freedom to boldly proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ to those around you, and pray that God would give divine wisdom to our brothers and sisters as they seek to shine the light of Christ in the face of persecution.


"I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will hear My voice; and they will become one flock with one shepherd."
(John 10:16)

God Pursues His Children – Part 1

God Pursues His Children – Part 1
“Is this your birthday?”
Tursun (alias) was taken back by the question. Thinking it was a sort of birthday… it was exactly ten years ago that he had met a Christian girl who shared the gospel with him. After reading the Bible, he decided that the cost of following Jesus was simply too high. A seed had been planted, though, and God continued to pursue him. 

Eating with friends in a restaurant, Tursun shared that not long after the encounter with the Christian girl, he had cried out to God to know the truth. To his amazement Jesus came to him in a dream, not once, but on three occasions! In each dream Jesus wore brilliant white clothing and was surrounded by sheep. Jesus beckoned him to come and follow Him. Tursun still believed that the cost was too great and instead chose to follow his Muslim friends.

Turan shared with the men in the restaurant until late that night. Around 2:30 a.m., they joined hands and gave thanks for the divine appointment. They prayed for God to shine the absolute truth of Jesus into Tursun’s heart.

Around 25 million Muslims reside in China; most belong to ethnic Turkish groups. Among them are several thousand secret Christians. The central government allows ethnic Han Chinese believers more freedoms, and generally does not interfere with local traditions and majority religious groups. China’s government has recently adopted a softer approach toward the Church, but opposes conversions. Christians from a Muslim background face fierce opposition, not only from the government, but also from their family and community.
One With Them
Be One With Tursun and Chinese Muslims like him, praying that the chains of Islam will be broken, and they can enjoy freedom in Christ. Pray also for the many secret believers in China, as they struggle to decide whether they should openly declare their faith in Christ, or keep their faith hidden.


“...for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” 
(Luke 19:10)

God Healed – The Door Opened

God Healed – The Door Opened
The Pamir Mountains, a remote area of Tajikistan, is home to various tribes. These groups, separated from one another for centuries, speak their own languages and have their own customs.
One day, a pastor came to a village of about 30 families. Immediately the leaders grabbed him. At knife point, the leader questioned him about his intentions. Had he come to convert them? “I am a Christian,” he replied, “but my only intention is to help you in any way I can.”
He was invited into a large room, where the heads of the families were sitting, and was allowed to speak. While he was witnessing about God’s great love, one man stood up to leave the room. “Excuse me,” inquired the pastor, “but have I said anything that offended you? Please tell me.”
One of the men started to explain that the man who was leaving the room had a paralyzed wife at home, and he had to go home to take care of her. The pastor immediately asked permission to pray for her and he followed the man to his house.
Soon after praying for the paralyzed woman, she began to move her neck and her arm! The local mullah invited the pastor to come again. “I cannot help these people! Your God can! Please take care of them!”
One With Them
The door opened for the gospel in this village because of the willingness of this pastor. As you stand One With Them, pray for more people to go, even to the remotest places on earth, and share about the saving grace of Jesus.  

Then know this .... It is by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth… whom God raised from the dead, that this man stands before you healed.
(Acts 4:10)

“I Begged Them to Leave My Girls”

“I Begged Them to Leave My Girls”
Deborah’s life will never be the same, following the traumatic events of 2012. Within a few months time, Boko Haram, an Islamic extremist group, killed her husband and son, and kidnapped her two daughters.

The horrific evening began like any other, Deborah’s two young girls raced up the path to greet her as she returned from a long day at work. Inside their home, her husband, Shettima, was preparing a children’s Bible study for the evening prayers at church. Setting down her belongings, she took a bucket to draw water from the village well for the evening meal.

While she was gone, armed young men arrived at the entrance to the compound and waited for her to return. “They followed me inside the compound. I tried to alert my husband, but they overpowered me and forced me to lie on the floor. I heard my husband who was watching through the window praying, ‘Father, today I will come to you, please receive my spirit.’” The attackers fired four shots, killing Shettima.

Deborah, convinced that her last moments on earth had also come, asked the Lord to receive her spirit. As she prayed, her daughters, who had been hiding, came running towards her. Deborah was helpless to stop the men as they grabbed the girls, aged 7 and 9, and dragged them from the compound. “Looking up to the heavens, I cried for help at the top of my voice, but did not get a reply.”

Three months later, the nightmare took another horrific turn as extremists forced their way into Deborah’s home and murdered her son, her last remaining child.
One With Them
It was one year ago, on April 25, when Deborah’s life was turned upside down. Still struggling with the trauma, devastation and grief, she longs to know if her daughters are still alive, and holds onto hope that she will see them again. Be One With Deborah as you pray this prayer:

Father, we know that You are the God of all Comfort. Please wrap Your arms of comfort and peace around our sister, Deborah, especially today as she relives the terror, grief and devastation that began one year ago, today. Bind up her broken heart and bring her the joy of Your presence in the midst of her pain. Nothing else can bring comfort; she needs to experience Your presence today. Please protect and rescue her little girls from the extremists who took them. Nothing is impossible for You, so we ask that the Boko Haram rebels would release them today. Restore this remaining part of Deborah’s family to each other, we pray! In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.
Please write a message to Deborah today. Assure her that you are praying for her and that she is deeply loved.  


He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
(Psalms 147:3)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Arabs Find Christ Through Books

Arabs Find Christ Through Books Throughout the Arabian Peninsula, sharing the gospel comes with extreme difficulties. Importing or printing non-Islamic religious literature is almost universally restricted or forbidden. Still, God opens doors. Somehow, Christian books find their way to the Peninsula. A bookseller shares how these books have changed lives:
One day, Adeeb, an active member of the mosque, entered the bookshop and discovered books with crosses; “I have been looking for these,” he explained to the bookseller, “tell me about the person this book is about.” After their conversation, Adeeb’s curiosity grew stronger. One night, while playing the radio, he stumbled upon a station that was broadcasting Bible readings. Though he did not fully understand what he heard, he still gave his heart to the Lord. Returning to the bookshop, the bookseller then began to teach Adeeb about Jesus.
Adeeb’s brother-in-law began to suspect that he had converted. Adeeb brought him to the bookshop, and asked the bookseller to talk to him. Presenting him a book, the bookseller said, “It’s about Gods love.” The brother-in-law angrily shouted, “It’s a dirty book, why do you give this to me?” The bookseller then carefully began to explain the gospel to him. The message was so beautiful, that the brother-in-law’s heart was changed immediately and he accepted Jesus. Embracing Adeeb he cried, “I didn’t know, I didn’t know,” with tear-filled eyes, he added, “Forgive me, my brother!”
Another time, the bookseller remembered a boy who visited the bookshop with his mother. As the boy lingered near the books with crosses, she informed him, “These books have nothing to do with our beliefs!” The young boy seemed oblivious and began to leaf through them. When he asked her to purchase one, she grabbed him and dragged him out of the shop. To the bookseller’s surprise, within minutes he was back; somehow he had broken free. Alone with the bookseller, away from the ears of his mother, he quietly asked to know about Jesus.
One With Them
Stand One With Christian booksellers in the Arabian Peninsula. Our brother has requested our prayers saying; “We earnestly need you to pray for each and every visitor; that they would have the chance to read the scriptures and know the Lord.”
One With Them CHALLENGEConsider becoming a World Bible Sponsor. For just $5.00 a month you can send a Bible to a believer…opening many doors for people to read His Word.


So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.
(Isaiah 55:11)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Never Give Up Hope – Part 2

Never Give Up Hope – Part 2
Yesterday we met Salina*. Now living in hiding with her mother and brother, we continue her story.
Salina stared at her laptop. Her father, Pastor Quornelius*, had been missing for a full year. She had since learned that he was kidnapped while delivering supplies to a secret church in remote northeastern Pakistan.
Mentally drained, Selina wanted to check her email to see if her good friend, Hanna, had sent any news. “But this puts you at risk,” a church elder warned. “They will not stop looking for you, and if they find you and your brother it will uncover everything your father has worked to protect. Not only that,” asserted the elder, “they will force you to marry a Muslim man.”
Selina peered deep into her cold cup of tea, numb with disbelief. She longed to hear from Hanna. It had been six months since they last communicated. As she desperately searched past emails, Selina hoped that her friend might have secretly interwoven clues of her father’s whereabouts into the sentences.
“Does Hanna even think of me?” Selina muttered to the elder. He assured her that, “Yes, she does, and so does your father.” These words brought comfort, but not relief.  None could.  As the elder departed with a blessing, he promised Selina and her mother that he would return soon to their hiding spot.
Once out of sight, he felt tears well up in his eyes. With heavy heart, the elder did not have the courage to share that he had contracted hepatitis the last time he was in police custody. “They had enough problems of their own, and cannot lose hope that their beloved father and husband will soon return home safely.”
One With Them
Even when the stress and sorrow of Pakistani Christians reach such depths, these courageous believers endure, and carry on. Become One With Them. Walk side-by-side with them, praying in the precious name of Jesus for comfort, strength and support.
Join in praying aloud this prayer:

Father God, keep them strong, knowing that their perseverance is not in vain. Give them hope, as they consider that their present sufferings are not worthy to be compared to the glory that is to be revealed. Help them fix their eyes, not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. (Romans 8:18) In the name of Jesus, who reigns victorious even over our trials on this earth. Amen.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. 
(Isaiah 43:2)

Healing Is Coming

Healing Is Coming

Like a flower that stood alone in the rain, the pressures of life have beaten down on you. You feel fragile and you do not understand what lies ahead of you. You feel naked and alone. But my child you do not see that above you, my hand is covering you and already preparing for a new way to open up.

Just as strong as the rain was, so will the sun be just as strong. As difficult as it was for you to go through these things, when my sun begins to shine on you again, you will feel the life that you are looking for.

You will not find that life in yourself. You will not find the joy in your works or in your striving. Instead you will find it only in me. So let me cover you child. Give up your striving and your pushing. Give up trying to make everything right and let me come into you life and situation.

Give me complete control of every part of your life. Let me take this broken flower and breathe into it once again. When you look around, all seems lost and you cannot see the way ahead. But I do see the way ahead and I have the power to bring real change. So rest now child. Run into my arms a rest for a while as I heal and restore you.

Then as quickly as the rains came, the clouds will open and the sun will shine through. I will shower you with my joy and my life again. Where there was death, I will bring life. Put your life in my hands. Trust me. For I have not forsaken you and I will not let you go. Look up my child and run to me quickly and watch as I do the impossible.

Never Give Up Hope - Part 1

Never Give Up Hope - Part 1
Selina’s* stomach stayed knotted. Her nails, chewed down. Her neck, stiff and tense. The dark circles under her eyes were unbecoming for a 20-year-old. This was not the first time her pastor father had not come home. Salina knew this was part of the risk he took working with the secret church, but the wrinkles in her brow still grew deeper. Would he return this time? Would he be missing a hand or foot? Would his fingernails be pulled out?

Selina tenderly remembered the last time she had seen her father. She had longed to hug him and hold him before he left, but she had said a quiet goodbye as she took the empty teacup from his hands. As was the custom among her people, he simply put his hand on her head and blessed her in Jesus’ name, and then hugged his son. Selina had wanted to kiss his bearded face that day, hold his hand, and even stop him from leaving.  Now she wished she had.
Pastor Quornelius* was acutely aware of how long it had been since he had seen his daughter, Selina, and his dear family. He deeply missed them, but he had critical teaching materials and care packages to deliver to the growing numbers of believers.  But with so few police patrols in this part of Pakistan, Pastor Quornelius was fully aware of the dangers, and bravely carried out his mission. Having been kidnapped before, he prayed he would not be kidnapped again… and that he would return home to his family before winter set in.
One With Them
Serving the secret church around the world is a high risk calling. Let us become One With Them in Jesus’ work, by covering our courageous brothers and sisters with prayer and encouragement, remembering that a three-strand cord is not easily broken!

When the servant of the man of God got up and went out early the next morning, an army with horses and chariots had surrounded the city.  “Oh, my Lord, what shall we do?” the servant asked. “Don’t be afraid” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”
(2 Kings 6:15)

From “Religion” to “Relationship” Part 2

From “Religion” to “Relationship”  Part 2
Conrad, now 19, was pleased to join a team of volunteer leaders who taught during an Open Doors’ Sama Kitab Iskul (SKI) summer youth camp. 
During one session, he told the children how Jesus’ showed His love by washing each disciple's feet. On the last day of the SKI camp, Conrad brought in a bucket of water and washed the feet of a fellow teacher. When he invited 180 enthusiastic children to do the same, a young Muslim boy named Alzibar was the first to grab a bucket.
Shocked that Alzibar was so willing, Conrad recalled his first encounter with the young boy. “Alzibar approached me smiling. While I was preparing the name tags for the registration table, he shared how his grandparents scolded him and warned him not to attend the SKI. His parents, who were working in Saudi Arabia, were also angry at him. So, I asked him why he came. 'I wanted to know more about Isa (Jesus),' he said.”
Conrad kept a watchful eye on Alzibar throughout the camp session. One time, he saw the boy flipping through the pages of the Injil, the New Testament in the Sama language. “He was very intent while reading it. Then, he closed the book and kissed it. One of his classmates told him that it was not the Qur’an. “Even so, we still need to respect it, because it’s God’s Book,” Alzibar said.
Open Doors held Sama Kitab Iskul in five other communities that year. More than 300 children attended. Conrad, who so much enjoys serving the Lord, obviously looks forward to volunteering his time and energy for the next SKI.
“I want to do it again! I want other youth believers to experience it. Also, I want to meet Alzibar, again. Please pray that Isa will touch all the hearts of the people I serve.”
One With Them
Be One With Conrad, and young believers throughout the Philippines, as you pray for the seeds they have so faithfully planted, to take root in the young hearts reached through the SKI camps.
Consider a financial donation for Youth Study Bibles. At $19 each, please seek the Lord’s guidance in making a contribution that will put God’s Word in the hands of the persecuted youth. Click here for information.


"If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another's feet.”
(John 13:14)

Been There, Done That, Part 2

Been There, Done That, Part 2 I had more than enough resources to plant a church successfully.
Been There, Done That, Part 2 by Chris McKinney

Been There, Done That, Part 2

When Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they invited him to their home and explained to him the way of God more adequately. ~ Acts 18:26b
READING: Acts 18:24-28
Just as Apollos needed someone in Ephesus to correct his teaching, encourage him, and strengthen his credibility, back in Vigan what I needed was a mentor – someone who had already planted churches in the Philippines and could tell me exactly what to do. God knew my dilemma and provided me with a most excellent mentor. Charles was a veteran church planter with several decades of experience in the Philippines working with another denomination. Having already fulfilled his vision of planting clusters of churches in two other areas, he and his wife Dottie moved to Vigan the same month our family did, with plans to establish another cluster of new churches.
As the only Americans in town, our two families began spending time together. Although they could have seen us as competitors or even false teachers, Charles and Dottie drew in a confused missionary aspiring to plant churches. Charles began sharing church planting principles, methods, and a culturally-specific model with us. He made me confident that I had more than enough resources to plant a church successfully.
As I planted a new church for my very first time, I would often seek out Charles and Dottie to relate my experiences and observations, counting on affirmation and guidance. Charles and Dottie rejoiced with us, encouraged us, prayed with us, and somehow managed to focus, re-direct, and broaden our vision all at once.
Lord, Thank You so much for the mentors You have provided along the way. Help me to reach out to others with that same generosity of spirit. Amen. 
Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) “Equips Leaders to Plant 5 Million Churches Worldwide.” Learn more

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What Would You Do?

What Would You Do? 
The dreams were relentless – they returned night after night.
Farzan (alias) knew that they were no ordinary dreams. Taking a great risk, he decided to share the dreams with three of his friends. Trust is a rare luxury for believers in Afghanistan, but, over the years, he had built a mutual trust with these friends and co-workers. These men were the only other Christians that he knew; and they kept their faith a secret among themselves.
After sharing, Farzan was surprised to learn that his friends had also been having dreams…all different…. and all disturbing.
In one dream, Farzan was shot on the way to work. Two others had dreams in which the office vehicle that they used was ambushed, and Farzan was badly injured. In another dream, a co-worker shared that there was blood everywhere, and Farzan had died.  
Farzan and his friends struggled with how to interpret and respond to these dreams. Were they a warning from the Lord? Were they perhaps attacks from the enemy to discourage him?  Farzan wondered if he should leave town before it was too late? Or should he remain and refuse to be intimidated?
After Farzan and his friends went before the Lord in prayer, he decided to stay where he was and to continue his work for the Body of Christ. His decision set an example for the other believers to not be afraid, and instead, trust the Lord in all things. As a result of his courageous behavior, he had an opportunity to speak God’s power into the lives of his friends.
One With Them
Some persecuted believers must make decisions like this daily. Stand One With Them as you pray for Farzan, and others like him; remembering that we must always turn to the Lord to guide us as we face difficult, or even risky, decisions.
Afghanistan is ranked in the third position on Open Doors World Watch list of the top 50 countries in the world where the persecution of Christians is most severe. Learn more about Afghanistan by visiting the WWL site.   

And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there…. However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.
(Acts 20:22,24)

Deep in the Jungles of Orissa

Deep in the Jungles of Orissa
There is a place where the river runs deep and muddy brown; its banks are lined with dense, lush vegetation. Nestled among the trees, beneath the shade of the thick jungle canopy, is a remote village called Urladani. This is just one of the many forgotten villages along the winding river of no bridges, in the notorious state of Orissa, in eastern India. 
The villagers must cross the river in handmade boats for supplies. During the flood season, the swollen river adds another treacherous danger to an already unstable world. The state of Orissa is well-known in India. Over the last ten years, extremists have brutally killed hundreds of Christians. Though the situation has been well documented, the Indian government has done little to help.
Into this impoverished, remote corner of Orissa, a team of Open Doors workers pushed forward to reach isolated believers. Braving pesky insects, endless travel problems, political pressure and perilous river crossings, these workers embarked on a mission to deliver as many children’s picture Bibles as they could carry. Undeterred by the obstacles, they traveled from village to village to fulfill the dream of reaching the children with God’s Word.
Rita Naik expressed her joy on receiving the Bible. “I come from a poor family and could never afford
the Bible. I thank God for such a nice gift. I pray that Open Doors would be able to bring more for other children, so they too can be blessed.”
Rajesh Nayak says, “I have never seen this kind of a Bible in my life. I am very happy to receive this picture Bible. I will read it daily, know more about God, and develop my spiritual life.”
One With Them
Even if we can’t travel ourselves, we can all be One With these workers for the Persecuted Church through prayer and financial support. Tomorrow we will hear about their success and the reaction of the children receiving the Bibles.
Commit to helping children, like those in Orissa, by becoming a World Bible Sponsor. Click here to learn how you can bring Bibles to the most dangerous places on earth.


For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.
(Romans 8:18)

Friday, April 19, 2013

From “Religion” to “Relationship” Part 1

From “Religion” to “Relationship”
Part 1
There comes a time when passed down religious practices give way to a real relationship with Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life. For Conrad (19), a youth raised in Jolo, Sulu, on the Island of Mindanao in the Philippines, the time had come.
In Jolo, there are many Tausugs who hold firmly to Islam as their religion and way of life. They despise Christians, like Conrad, who were raised to believe in Christ. But to Conrad it was always a “religion,” until one day when Open Doors came to share. For the first time, he understood the meaning and importance of a “relationship” with Jesus Christ. 
“I had always been active in the church since I was a child. I attended Vacation Bible School, and joined church activities. But with my friends outside the church, I was a very different person. I thought I knew a lot about Isa (Jesus) before, until I attended the summer youth camp. There, I realized my own sins, and I asked God to forgive me. I asked Jesus to heal my temper,” Conrad testified.
Now of college age, Conrad has decided to not return to his village. Instead, together with his elder brother, he is staying at a local pastor’s house. “One time, I was invited to help in the feeding ministry. At first, I thought I’d just be observing. Instead, I found myself actually serving the children their food and washing their plates. I realized that I enjoyed serving the Lord. My being an Almasihin (Christian) is useless if I do not actively serve Isa (Jesus). I felt I'd found something important I’d been missing all my life.”
Tomorrow read Conrad’s testimony about volunteering at a children’s summer camp. 
Be One With Them
Be One With Conrad as you serve the Lord today through whatever opportunities He has given you. Give thanks to Him for His many blessings in your life, and for the blessing of Conrad and his life-story.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

“A Fire In My Heart”

“A Fire In My Heart”
Meet our Afghan brother, Said Musa, a former orthopedic therapist in Kabul. 
Living in a neighborhood where landmines and bombs are commonplace, Musa was all too familiar with their destructive power. When he was a young man, he accidentally stepped on a landmine. Although his life was spared, one of his legs was damaged beyond repair and had to be amputated. 
Constantly wary of hidden landmines, he cautiously went about his daily business. One day, after a bomb exploded near his home, he observed two expatriate women helping the injured – injured people the women didn’t even know. Fascinated and confused that they would help those unrelated to them, Musa began asking questions. When he learned the women were Christians, he tracked down what he knew to be their “book,” the Bible. Musa could not stop reading, and as he read, he realized that this book spoke the truth. “It was like there was a fire in my heart,” Musa exclaimed.
Hungry for more, Musa began meeting with small groups of believers and diligently studied everything he could find about Jesus.  He learned how to worship and pray, and cautiously shared his faith whenever possible. Eventually, his newfound faith was discovered, and in 2010, Musa was arrested and imprisoned. He vividly recalls the day when the harsh treatment and suffering, that he initially encountered, brought him to a place of total despair and discouragement.
In the midst of Musa’s despair, Jesus miraculously appeared to him in a dream and assured the suffering believer that He was always with him. God used that dream to spark a transformation in Musa – so much that other prisoners soon began to notice Musa’s peace and his positive spirit. Even the guards began to listen to him and seek him out.  
Musa recalls a time when he was asked by the guards to speak to two boys who were drug users. Out of 500 people in the prison, they chose Said Musa to counsel them. Someone else even confided boldly, “What you say is the truth! If people would have a fair choice, 75% of them would follow Jesus.”
One With Them
Today, Musa is no longer in prison, and he and his family have been relocated to another country. They continue to serve Christ, even as they struggle to adjust to the new culture and language. Stand One With Them by praying for Musa and his family as they serve Christ in this new country, and as we all serve wherever He calls us. 

The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. 
(Psalm 145:18).

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


“Here One Feels Safe” - Part 2
Yesterday, we read about Ferney and Lizbeth’s dramatic escape from a tribal dungeon. Today, Ferney shares how his family became a target of the tribal authorities.
Their ordeal began in April 2012 when their father, Jaime Tenorio, was sent to jail for 20 years. His crime, according to local indigenous leaders, was opposing the tribe’s ancestral beliefs.
Tenorio, along with 19 other Christian families, had been banished from their farmland because they had chosen to follow Christ. But Tenorio had further antagonized the Council by opposing the school system’s teachings on worshipping idols, venerating nature, practicing witchcraft, and other indigenous customs counter to Christian beliefs.
The tribal leaders, angry at his boldness in defying their authority, ruled Tenorio “disobedient” for refusing to follow their long-standing religious traditions, and imprisoned him in a nearby prison. But that wasn’t the end of their wrath…they began to target Tenorio’s wife and children.
Showing up unannounced at the Tenorio’s home, tribal leaders planned on burning the crops, and tried to attack his wife. When Ferney intervened, they tied him up, along with his sister, Lizbeth. Binding their hands and feet, both were thrown into the bed of a truck and taken to the dungeon. The two teenagers were locked-up and abandoned.
In part three, Ferney shares about his life now.

One With Them
Be One With Them, His children who are suffering for Christ’s sake. Thank God for His promise to never leave us, or give us more than we can endure. Join in this prayer:
Our Heavenly Father, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Thank You for your promises, and we pray for all the children suffering for Your Son that they will feel Your Very Presence, and are comforted. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.
(Jeremiah 29:11)


“Here One Feels Safe” - Part 2
Yesterday, we read about Ferney and Lizbeth’s dramatic escape from a tribal dungeon. Today, Ferney shares how his family became a target of the tribal authorities.
Their ordeal began in April 2012 when their father, Jaime Tenorio, was sent to jail for 20 years. His crime, according to local indigenous leaders, was opposing the tribe’s ancestral beliefs.
Tenorio, along with 19 other Christian families, had been banished from their farmland because they had chosen to follow Christ. But Tenorio had further antagonized the Council by opposing the school system’s teachings on worshipping idols, venerating nature, practicing witchcraft, and other indigenous customs counter to Christian beliefs.
The tribal leaders, angry at his boldness in defying their authority, ruled Tenorio “disobedient” for refusing to follow their long-standing religious traditions, and imprisoned him in a nearby prison. But that wasn’t the end of their wrath…they began to target Tenorio’s wife and children.
Showing up unannounced at the Tenorio’s home, tribal leaders planned on burning the crops, and tried to attack his wife. When Ferney intervened, they tied him up, along with his sister, Lizbeth. Binding their hands and feet, both were thrown into the bed of a truck and taken to the dungeon. The two teenagers were locked-up and abandoned.
In part three, Ferney shares about his life now.

One With Them
Be One With Them, His children who are suffering for Christ’s sake. Thank God for His promise to never leave us, or give us more than we can endure. Join in this prayer:
Our Heavenly Father, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Thank You for your promises, and we pray for all the children suffering for Your Son that they will feel Your Very Presence, and are comforted. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.
(Jeremiah 29:11)

Convert from Islam Tortured

Convert from Islam Tortured
Al Shabaab rebels monitor movement of Somali Christian returning from Kenya for visit

By Jeremy Reynalds
Senior Correspondent for ASSIST News Service
NAIROBI, KENYA (ANS) -- Muslim militants still controlling part of the Lower Shebelle Region of Somalia have jailed and tortured a Christian for converting from Islam, sources said.
Somali refugees in border town of Liboi, Kenya, enroute to other parts of the country.
(UNHCR photo).
According to a story by Morning Star News, Al Shabaab rebels seized Hassan Gulled, 25, on March 23 in Bulo Marer near Qoryoley District, they said. Gulled, who had fled to Kenya in 2007 in search of safety and a better life, had left Kenya on Feb. 27 to visit family in Somalia, sources said.

Gulled is one of dozens of Somali refugees in Kenya facing dangers from Al Shabaab extremists as they return to Somalia following the establishment of a new government in Mogadishu and the weakening of Al Shabaab, which once held large portions of territory.

Morning Star News said as Gulled was only visiting family in Somalia, his wife remained in an undisclosed city in Kenya. Al Shabaab extremists in Kenya who knew of his Christian activities there apparently contacted members of the militant group in Somalia, who monitored his movement for three weeks before seizing him, sources said.

"Four masked, armed militia from Al Shabaab took Gulled into a Land Cruiser and then drove away as family watched him helplessly," Morning Star News reported one source said.

Another source said it was confirmed that Gulled has been jailed in Bulo Marer.

"The Al Shabaab have been torturing him to see whether he would deny his Christian faith," the source said. "Since last week, no information has surfaced concerning Gulled. There is a possibility that he could have been killed."

A militant Islamist group with ties to Al Qaeda, Morning Star News said Al Shabaab has a base in Bulo Marer, about 50 miles from Mogadishu.
Last week, however, Somali government troops backed by African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) forces had reportedly taken control of nearby Qoryoley.
Morning Star News said Al Shabaab has vowed to rid Somalia of Christians, who meet secretly due to persecution. Besides Al Shabaab, the government and many in Somali society also view leaving Islam as deserving of death.

Gulled became a Christian in Kenya in 2010. He married there in 2011 and has no children.

"Gulled's wife is very distressed and worried that she might not see her husband again," Morning Star News reported a source said.
Many Somali members of Christian fellowships in Kenya have returned to Somalia after formation of a Somali government on Aug. 20, 2012, which replaced the Transitional Federal Government, said the source, who requested anonymity.

"Several Christian agencies are helping them settle," Morning Star News reported he said. "But we are worried that some of our members are being monitored closely by Islamic extremists."

Al Shabaab has lost control of several areas of Somalia since Kenyan military forces helped to dislodge them in the past year, but they are suspected in the shooting death of a Christian pharmacist on the outskirts of Kismayo in February.
Morning Star News said two masked men killed Ahmed Ali Jimale, a 42-year-old father of four, on Feb. 18 as he stood outside his house in Alanley village.

On Dec. 8, 2012 in Beledweyne, 206 miles north of Mogadishu, gunmen killed a Christian who had been receiving death threats for leaving Islam. Two unidentified, masked men shot Mursal Isse Siad, 55, outside his home, Muslim and Christian sources said.

Morning Star News said Siad and his wife, who converted to Christianity in 2000 according to a source who used to worship with them, had moved to Beledweyne from Doolow eight months before. That was after Somalia's transitional federal government and African Union Mission in Somalia troops captured Beledweyne from Al Shabaab rebels.

Morning Star News said the area was under government control and there was no indication that the killers belonged to the Al Shabaab rebels who have vowed to rid the country of Christianity, but the Islamic extremist insurgents were present in Buulodbarde, 12 miles away. Christians believed a few Al Shabaab rebels could have been hiding in Beledweyne.

In the coastal city of Barawa on Nov. 16, 2012, Al Shabaab militants killed a Christian after accusing him of being a spy and leaving Islam, Christian and Muslim witnesses said. The extremists beheaded 25-year-old Farhan Haji Mose after monitoring his movements for six months, sources said.

Morning Star News said Mose drew suspicion when he returned to Barawa, in Somalia's Lower Shebelle Region, in Dec. 2011 after spending time in Kenya, according to underground Christians in Somalia.
Kenya's population is nearly 83 percent Christian, according to Operation World, while Somalia's is close to 100 percent Muslim.
For more information go to http://morningstarnews.org

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Darkness Despite The Beauty

Darkness Despite The Beauty
Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, bright blue skies. Everything about Maldives seems absolutely picturesque, yet this beautiful island country ranks 6th on Open Doors World Watch List, which identifies countries where Christians face the greatest persecution.
In fact, Maldives is the only country in the world that requires its citizens to be Muslim, and therefore boasts a population of 100% Muslims. Conversion to another faith is prohibited by law and all converts face extreme pressure from family and society. If discovered, some are forced to leave the country. There are no church gatherings or buildings, and authorities exert extensive control to prevent any deviation from Islam. Today, their religion is moving towards Deobandi Islam - the religion of the Taliban, whose mission is to cleanse Islam of all outside influences.
On condition of anonymity, a Christian worker recently talked about the reality of following Christ in a 100% Muslim population:
“There are very few believers in Maldives, and their world is very small. It is often difficult for them to reach out to fellow believers outside of their small community for many reasons. First, they are leery of sharing with outsiders because they are afraid their personal stories of faith will be traced back to them. Secondly, some Christians have been betrayed by people who were supposedly fellow believers, but ultimately reported the true Christians to the authorities. This is further aggravated by a prevailing culture of mistrust throughout the country. Believers live in fear of being discovered and having connections to foreigners who are Christians.”
One With Them
Be One With Them as you pray this prayer: Today, I lift up my brothers and sisters who don’t know who to trust in their communities. Give them wisdom and guidance, and most importantly, Lord, let them know you are faithful…even if they feel alone. Assure them that there is an entire Body praying for them in their silent walk with You. Amen.
Learn more about the situation regarding persecution in Maldives by visiting the 2013 World Watch List.


Imprisoned But Not Silenced

Imprisoned But Not Silenced
For 90 days last fall, Pastor Makset Djabbarbergenov lived in a Kazakh prison cell under threat of deportation to his native Uzbekistan to face almost-certain harsh jail time. His alleged crime: leading small Christian house churches without official registration.
His journey to the confines of his cell began years earlier. An evangelist at heart, he knew that he had to follow the Lord and do whatever was asked of him… including doing something that was considered illegal in Uzbekistan. By 2007, Pastor Makset’s activities had made him a wanted criminal. Fleeing Uzbekistan with his family to escape arrest, they crossed the border into neighboring Kazakhstan. By 2009, they received refugee status from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, but the Kazakhstan government refused to recognize it.

Then, in 2012, Uzbekistan bumped-up Pastor Makset’s crime to include charges of terrorism. They demanded that the Kazakh government return him home to face trial, and a potential 15-year prison sentence.

When it seemed as if all hope was lost, God set this pastor free, three months after his initial arrest. Still fearful of repatriation, the family lived not knowing what each day would bring. Finally, in January 2013, they were allowed to leave Kazakhstan and start a new life in Sweden.
One With Them
Today, I will be One With Them in praise to God for the miracles He has done for Pastor Makset, his family and others like him. I will also pray for those who are still in prison for their faith, that He would bring them comfort, strength and peace.
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Fool for Jesus

A Fool for Jesus
Abdi Mohammed (alias), was a devout Somali Muslim and graduate of a local Quranic school. The more he studied the Qur’an from beginning to end, the more his conviction grew that something central was missing from Islam. His quest for truth, and that missing element, led him to his uncle, a teacher at a Catholic school.

Abdi’s thirst for truth grew throughout the long hours of conversation with his uncle. He was given Bible verses to study privately, and after several months he moved in with his uncle. Abdi begged him to share his knowledge. Curiosity quickly turned to belief, and Abdi gave his life to the Lord. A year later, his uncle passed away. Going through his uncles’ belongings, the family discovered Christian books in his personal library. They burned all of the books so they would not bring shame on the family.

“I then embarked on a long journey to find other Christians,” Abdi said. Finding other believers proved to be difficult until God brought an unexpected man across his path. Pretending to have a mental illness, this man would loudly preach Christian principles in the open streets. Dismissed as mentally ill, he was left alone by the authorities. 

One day, Abdi followed him home. Just before the man disappeared into a small building, Abdi quietly said, “I am of your family.” The man ignored him at first, wanting to test if Abdi really was setting a trap for him. After several failed attempts at conversation, Abdi finally succeeded; the man was convinced that he was trustworthy.

He told Abdi that he was not suffering from mental illness, but that he faked the condition to get in touch with other Christians. A deep friendship formed between the two men. Together, they built a network of underground fellowships for the scattered secret believers. Sadly, in 2000, Abdi’s beloved friend was murdered, believed to be at the hands of the Islamic rebel group now known as al Shabaab.
One With Them
Believers in Somalia often live in isolation and fear. Be One With Them as you give thanks for the opportunity that you have to freely gather with other believers to pray and study the Word of God. Pause today and pray for our brother and sisters in Somalia.

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
1 Corinthians 1:18

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And So She Prayed

And So She Prayed
Rusia is not her true name, but she has been a true believer for ten years. Over the years, she has been faithfully sharing the gospel with Tajik and Uzbek people…and praying for them.
While it has not been easy, she has seen the hand of God on her life. When she first converted from Islam, her husband resisted her, but she prayed for him…and prayed, and prayed. After several years of praying, he repented and they both began to serve the Lord together.
After her conversion, Rusia’s family and relatives also rejected her. Her father told her not to visit him unless she returned to Islam. She and the church prayed for her family…and prayed, and prayed. After two years, God touched their hearts and they agreed on a visit.
Overjoyed, Rusia and her husband went to see them. Her nephew, a young man who had suffered constant pain in his leg since childhood, was in the house when they arrived. Rusia offered to pray for his healing. God chose to miraculously heal him, and that divine intervention opened the door for the couple to plant a new home church.
These days, she travels 200 km every month to visit her family and worship in their church. Sometimes she takes her donkey. Despite all the difficulties of traveling, she continues to fervently serve God. Sometimes Rusia can’t travel because of bad weather conditions, so she calls on her cell phone and “preaches” the Word of God long distance.
One With Them
As you remember Rusia and other believers in Tajikistan, stand One With Them in faithfully praying for those in your life who do not know Christ. And faithfully pray for Rusia and others, giving thanks for their faithful service…and commitment to prayer.


Restored Through a Safe House

Restored Through a Safe House
"I read the Bible for my mother, because she is illiterate. I like doing that, because I dream of becoming a Sunday School teacher someday. I want to teach children about the love of Jesus, because I have experienced it myself.” (Yati)
Yati, (alias) and her family, experienced the love of Jesus first-hand while in the midst of an intense struggle for survival. With the tragic death of her father, Yati, along with her mother and siblings, were thrust instantly into a world of poverty and despair. Stripped of their home and source of income, they faced a seemingly hopeless situation…but instead they chose to trust in Jesus.
Only 25,000 Christians live in the densely populated province in Indonesia that Yati’s family calls home. Yet, somehow, God placed the right believer in their path to put them in contact with an Open Doors ministry safe house. Surrounded by the support they so desperately needed, Yati felt hope for the first time since her father’s untimely death. She says that it was through the daily Bible lessons and livelihood training that her faith grew deeper. Then, when the family was given financial assistance to start a small business, she knew undeniably that God had been watching over them, even in their darkest hours.
Though no longer destitute, Yati wanted to help her family more. At a three-day gathering that Open Doors organized, she met a Christian family that hired her as a house-helper. Her new employer added to the blessing by sponsoring her to attend a sewing school.
“There were days when we had nothing to eat, but Jesus never left us. He always sent His miracles. In everything, my mother and I are on our knees in prayer, and God has never failed to help us,” Yati shared with a joyful smile.
One With Them
Is there something in your life that you are trying to do on your own? Be One With Yati as you turn that decision over to Jesus and trust in God’s provision. Please join in prayer today for those suffering for Christ and who are living in safe houses… and pray for the faithful saints who compassionately nurture them to a place of hope.
Consider helping a persecuted family by supporting an Open Doors safe house.


As for me, I am poor and needy, but the Lord takes thought for me. You are my help and my deliverer; do not delay, O my God! (Psalm 40:17)

One Woman With Heart

One Woman With Heart
Myat (alias), a 40-year-old Christian woman, lives in Myanmar, a socialistic society crippled by poverty, discrimination, and oppression. As a believer, she was restricted to the confines of her village and was not allowed to stray beyond its boundaries.  And, because of her faith in Christ, she was also denied basic education and employment opportunities.

In spite of her circumstances, God always faithfully provided for her needs. Eventually she was employed as a housekeeper for a missionary couple. Though thankful for this provision, Myat still felt ashamed that her Christian faith made it impossible for her to be gainfully employed in Burmese society. She begged God to provide work or tools to enable her to earn her own provision. Over the next seven years she continued to pray for this as God blessed her with a husband, and then a son.

On a tragic day in 2008, Cyclone Nargis devastated her village and changed her life forever. Heart-broken over the plight of the many children orphaned by the storm, Myat adopted nine boys and girls.

“My salary was no longer enough,” she said. “I wanted to bless others, but how could we? We were starving ourselves. My pastor encouraged us to share the gospel, saying God would feed us. But others said we should feed our stomachs first, before serving others.” Myat struggled against confusion and despair as she struggled to provide for her large new family.

That's when God intervened, He chose that moment to bring the answer to her seven-years of praying. Open Doors learned of her needs and provided her with a brand new sewing machine, through a Livelihood Grant. With this new equipment, Myat has gone from barely surviving to earning more than enough for her family, and being able to bless others as well.

“Because of your help, we are strengthened spiritually and physically. With this machine, I can make clothes for my own children and produce more for selling.” 
One With Them
Be One With Them as you praise God for women like Myat who strive to be faithful in the midst of oppression. Today, regardless of your circumstances, embody the “fruit of the Spirit” as you reach out and help someone in need.
Consider helping a persecuted woman provide for her family by providing vocational training.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Set Free!

Set Free!
Three believers, Peter, Paul and John, were finally reunited in prison after being arrested for their Christian activity. They endured backbreaking work in prison – farming, mining, and working on government building projects – in blistering temperatures, with no shade or rest from the intense sun.

“The prisons are very dirty,” reported the men. “There is no washing, no cleaning. And the food is very little—just bread many times, sometimes even no food. This makes many prisoners sick. They did not allow us to see a doctor. Many people died. It is very sad. Also, they beat us very much, for no reason. Some had broken hands, legs, even chest bones and most of the time no doctor to attend to our injuries. Some died from their injuries. We think some also died because they lost hope. Their hearts just gave up! We saw some die like this.”

While in prison the three men faced repeated demands to sign an official document recanting their faith. “The police threatened to arrest our family members if we refused to recant and sign the document. But we refused because we do not want to leave Jesus.”

Finally, one evening they hatched a daring plan. The men broke out of the line and jumped over the fence surrounding the prison. One said, “The fence was made up of plants with big thorns. We jumped over them and ran. When the prison guards started shooting, we went in different directions. We heard bullets flying over our heads, but none hit us.”

The Lord protected each of them that day. Not knowing the fate of one another, their joy overflowed when they were miraculously reunited at a refugee camp in a bordering country. Informed that they could still be arrested and repatriated, they moved on to a safer place through the help of Christian brothers, whom God provided at just the right time. There they are waiting on God to open doors, in order to be resettled in a more secure place.
One With Them
Even in prison, Peter, Paul and John lived in the freedom of Christ. Join us in standing One With Them, in freedom and in prayer, as they find ways to build new lives in another country.
Over 125 Christians have been arrested in Eritrea just this year. Click here to receive weekly prayer updates on current news reports.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.
(Galatians 5:1)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Modern Day Saul – Part 1

Modern Day Saul – Part 1
Mualana was born into a Muslim family in the small town of Demak, in central Java. He was raised to love Islam and follow Islamic Sharia laws. He welcomed the ideas of Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini, and his call to revolution. He hated Western tourists who brought the Western lifestyles into his country. “I see Christians as hindering Sharia teaching in Indonesia,” he proclaimed. “Indonesia must be cleansed from the cross. The Christians worship Jesus, who is merely a man. For us this is sin, and we must stop this movement.”
While the Indonesian government is committed to freedom of religion, many like Mualana consider this wrong and take matters into their own hands. To instill fear in Christians, they attack churches and shoot pastors while they are preaching. “We do not fear death,” Mualana says, “because we were encouraged, by Ayatollah Khomeini, to spill our blood to the last drop to make this happen.
Proudly, Mualana adds, “We devised secret plans to bring about Sharia law in Eastern Indonesia. I was one of the first 5,000 soldiers sent from east Java on a ship to the island of Ambon. En route from Surabaya to Ambon, we hijacked a ship and checked each passenger’s identity. Anyone with a Christian ID was either killed or thrown into the ocean. Together, our group took over the ship and headed for Ambon Island, to eliminate the church of Jesus Christ. Calling us terrorists is a big mistake, because we’re just Muslim God lovers.”
Tomorrow we continue with Mualana’s testimony.
One With Them
Christians have good reason to fear men like Mualana. Please stand One With Them in praying for these enemies of the church; that they will see Jesus in the lives of believers in Indonesia. 

Modern Day Saul – Part 2

Modern Day Saul – Part 2
Yesterday we met Mualana, a modern day Saul who was persecuting Christ’s church in Indonesia. Today we continue his story.

As Mualana and the mob headed to the island of Ambon to destroy the church and its members, his heart began to soften. Noticing that Christians did not fight back when attacked he shares, “There was a change in my heart; slowly I began to love them.”

“One night,” he continues, “I was fasting and praying. I said, ‘God, you’re the one who created my heart; show me your righteousness.’ In the middle of my heart-crying, I saw a man appear to me. There was fresh blood spattered on the bottom of his white robe. He greeted me with ‘Salaam Al I Kum,’ (Peace be with you!). I tried to figure out who I had seen in my vision. It could be the angel of Gabriel, or Mohammed, or could be Nabi Isa, maybe He is Jesus.”

As time went on, Mualana became an Islamic magazine distributor. One day, while he was about his work, an old man saw him. “Mualana, come here,” the man called out. “I was waiting for you.” They sat down to a lunch of rice and noodle sarimi, and he prayed in the name of Jesus before the meal.
“After lunch, he brought me to a room,” continued Mualana. “He picked up a large Bible and opened it to John 14:27. It said, ‘I am leaving you with a gift, peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.’ At that moment, I confessed that Jesus is God! Jesus is great! I cried out and received Him, Isa, as the people of Ambon whom I’ve persecuted.”
One With Them
Like Paul, Mualana now serves Christ’s church. Be One With Them, with believers in Indonesia who once lived in darkness, persecuting the church, but now have seen the light of Christ. Praise God for these unlikely conversions.

Consider writing a letter of encouragement for Christians in Indonesia. Send a message today at prayer@odusa.org


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Meet Pema from Bhutan

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“A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.”― Charles H. Spurgeon
Pema* lives in Bhutan, where Christians make up 2.8 percent of the population. The population of believers can pray, worship, and meet together for fellowship, but they must do so in secret.
Bhutanese who leave Buddhism for Christ can expect pressure from all fronts, which usually begins with the family. This is true for Pema, who is the only Christian in her home. “I often feel depressed,” said Pema. “My relatives and in-laws are all Buddhists. They blamed me and my faith for every bad thing that happened in our family.”
Soon after Pema was baptized, she suffered severe pain in her abdomen. She tried to sleep it off for a couple of weeks until the pain became unbearable. Pema was later diagnosed with appendicitis, and at the hospital, she waited for her family to come and see her, but no one showed up.
“Since becoming a Christian my family (parents and relatives) stayed away from me,” she shared. “My uncle scolded me for leaving Buddhism. My in-laws did not talk to me. My Buddhist husband, who worked in another country, said I deserved to be sick.”
But Pema was not alone. The comfort she did not receive from her family during her physical suffering, she received from fellow Christians who visited her to pray with her and helped pay the hospital bills. Pema was both surprised and thankful.
“I started to memorize and write Bible verses while at the hospital,” said Pema.  “Before my operation, I was reciting Bible passages and that gave me peace. The other patients were fearful and in panic, but I was at ease.”
But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matthew 4:4
Believers like Pema face persecution on a daily basis from those closest to them. Often times, the only comfort they find is in God’s word.
This is why we do what we do.
It is vital to provide our suffering brothers and sisters with God’s word because God’s word brings peace in the midst of suffering. God’s word brings comfort when nothing else does. God’s word can change the life of a persecuted believer.
Join us in setting aside a few minutes to pray for believers like Pema who cling to the word of God in the midst of suffering. Pray that God’s word would bring a peace that passes all understanding.
*Name changed for security purposes