Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Found Under A Tree

"...Our workers, not death... Found Manuel under that tree..."

Whether or not you have the opportunity to share the Gospel in person today, you do have the opportunity to share the Gospel through our teams of pioneer missionaries. With your help, they are reaching people who desperately need to hear about Jesus — people like Manuel dos Santos in Mozambique.
Manuel was excited when he moved to the city to find work in the wood mills. Unfortunately, the job nearly killed him. Working long hours without a helmet or breathing mask, Manuel breathed in sawdust and became sick.
Too weak to continue working, Manuel lost his job. He found himself completely alone, dejected, ill and hopeless. Believing he had nothing left to live for, Manuel lay down under a tree and waited for death to find him.
But it was our workers, not death, who found Manuel under that tree. Filled with compassion and moved by the Spirit, they bought Manuel treatment for his illness. This act of love and their witness for Christ gave Manuel a glimpse of the God who died for him — and he gave his life to Jesus. Today, Manuel has recovered from his illness, and he is being discipled by an EHC partner church.
When you give to support our workers, God uses you to show His love in the nations. A gift of $50 will help us tell roughly 150 families about the hope found only in Jesus.
This is your opportunity to share the Gospel today. Will you give to help EHC pioneer missionaries reach more people in dire situations like Manuel?
For the harvest,
Your friends at Every Home for Christ

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