Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Provide Action Packs to Persecuted Christians in Sudan

Man with Action Pack
Show Your Love by Taking Action for Our Persecuted Family in Sudan
Imagine living in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains, where you are bombed almost daily by your own government and there’s no place to hide. Your goal each morning is to survive through the day, and you know you must do it with little outside help.

Then you receive an encouraging gift of love from Christians in the U.S. to help you and your family endure — a VOM Action Pack.

Opening the pack, you find items of clothing, a blanket for cold nights, fresh socks for your feet and soap to help you stay clean. Suddenly, you feel renewed and strengthened in faith; you realize your Christian family members have not forgotten you. You see a photo of the family who assembled the pack, and you know they are praying for you. Then you see the Bible and are reminded that Jesus loves you, too, and is always with you.

VOM had planned to ship 2,000 Action Packs to Christian families in the Nuba Mountains this year, but faithful believers like you helped us send 3,454 packs instead! We were overwhelmed by your generous response, and now our workers in Sudan are asking for even more packs.

When you order an Action Pack, we’ll send you a special bag to be filled with items you select from a list included with your pack. After filling the pack, you will ship it back to The Voice of the Martyrs. VOM workers will then deliver your Action Pack and a Bible or Gospel story book to a Christian family in Sudan, Pakistan, Iraq, Jordan or Lebanon.

I Want to Fill an Action Pack

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Even more important than the physical aid is the Bible or Gospel story book delivered with each pack. God’s Word strengthens our brothers and sisters to continue living for Christ despite hardships and persecution.

If you do not want to pack an Action Pack yourself, you can sponsor one and VOM workers will purchase the items, fill the Action Pack and distribute it on your behalf. Either way, our persecuted brothers and sisters will be blessed by your generosity and reminded that they are connected to the wider body of Christ.

I Want to Sponsor an Action Pack

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